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A Few Notes About Appearance

When designing and constructing the Poke Boat® and Vagabond, we did everything we possibly could to achieve light weight, stability and ease of use.  Because of this, our boats perform as we planned for them to perform.  But, we have to admit, they’re probably not the prettiest boats you’ll ever see. 

You see, using machines to build boats creates perfectly uniform parts that are completely blemish-free.  Pretty?  Yes.  As lightweight and structurally sound as possible?  No way.  So we don’t use machines.

Using gel coating on the boats creates beautiful opaque surfaces that completely hide any blemishes that occurred during construction.  Pretty?  You bet.  Lightweight and trouble-free?  Nope.  So we don’t use gel coating.

When it came down to it, we chose performance over beauty.  We think you’ll agree that we made the right choice. 

Color Options

The Poke Boat® or Vagabond can be easily painted with acrylic spray paint (Krylon or Rustoleum) right out of the can, which is ideal for camouflage or flat colors.  But for a high quality appearance we would advise you to have us permanently add color to the boat for you. Available colors are olive drab and red

We do not use gel coating, as it would add about 10 pounds to the weight of the boat and actually decrease its strength.  Instead, we use “skin coating,” which consists of using highly pigmented resin.  The first layer of fiberglass is a slightly different fabric (as opposed to our missile fabric) which maintains strength and light weight. Phoenix colors will add approx. 2 lbs. to color the deck only and 4-6 lbs. to color the entire boat (depending on model). The weave may still be visible through the color.

We can color the deck, hull, or both for an additional cost.





Kevlar Fiberglass/Nylon Red Olive Drab



Phoenix Poke Boats, Inc.