Phoenix Poke Boats, Inc.

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Company Philosophy


Several years ago we were selling our boats to stores: 50% went to stores, sales representatives, and salespeople. Today we have no sales representatives, salespeople or dealers. The result is a savings of approximately 50% to you, the customer.

We have found that customers are intelligent, rational people who do not need to have a salesperson make a purchase decision for them. Instead of trying to sell you the most expensive model, we will help you choose the appropriate boat for your interest. Call us at  (1-606-965-2803) for advice. Once you have made your decision, we can easily ship your boat to you.

We do very little conventional advertising because, over the years, we have found that our best advertising is "word-of-mouth". Our customers are pleased with our boats and pass the word along to friends. We have also found that simply designed, informative brochures and web sites such as this one are more cost-effective than expensive, glossy, four-color brochures or large ads in prestigious magazines. By cutting advertising costs, we can cut the price of each boat.

We are a small, family-owned-and-operated business. In our front office, you will find just the necessary office furniture and equipment, a few green plants, and very busy, but, friendly office staff. This "no-frills" approach to office overhead makes our lives simpler and our products less expensive.

The rest of the savings, which represents the smallest portion of our reduced prices, is realized through the manufacturing process. We have streamlined our production facilities, encouraged employee participation in all aspects of our company from boating to management decisions, and minimized inventory of all kinds. We build boats to order rather than filling the warehouse. We produce in batches, doing all orders for a particular color, then the next color, then the next until all orders are complete, and then repeat the cycle. This allows us to set up all our equipment once per color and spend our time on production instead of set-up. It also allows us to closely schedule the purchase of raw materials and sub-assemblies, further reducing our inventories and need for storage space. Once the boat is completed, we can package and ship it the same day, thus eliminating warehousing costs as well as such carrying costs on inventory as taxes, insurance, and bank financing on excess inventory.

Being a small operation makes it easy for us to work closely with everyone at Phoenix and to run a tight ship (well, small boat). The result is a hardworking crew of well-trained, dedicated craftspeople who produce the best value in small boats on the market today.

Tom Wilson, President

Phoenix Poke Boats, Inc.