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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the best way to store my Poke Boat®?

A: The boat can be stored hanging by the grab loops.

You can lean the boat up against the wall.

You can secure the boat by running a bicycle cable (chain) through the foot brace  bracket. 

We advise against leaving the boat tied tightly on a vehicle in the sun on a hot day for a long period of time.  If it is left on a non-moving vehicle all day it may change form, molding in the heat.  It will return to its original shape in just a few hours, just loosen the ropes and put the boat in a cooler place.

If you store the boat outside, we recommend you store it upside down and cover it with a tarp.  Normal exposure to the sunlight (UV rays) will not deteriorate your boat, however long-term exposure can cause discoloration (fading or yellowing).

Q:How do I care for my Poke Boat®?

A: You can wipe the boat clean with a cloth.

You can use soap that rinses easily. Soap that you use on vehicles will work fine.

If desired, you can wax the boat using a boat wax such as Turtle Wax.  Car wax will work fine also.

Q:What's the best way to transport my Poke Boat®?

A: We recommend carrying the boat upside-down when on top of your vehicle.

The boat can be set on foam blocks (see accessories), a thick towel, or a car carrier.

Run a rope through the grab loops, being sure to tie a knot at the loops. This prevents rubbing during transit, which could saw through the loops.

Tie the ropes toward the sides of each bumper, so the rope forms an upside-down v-shape.  This allows more stability so the boat will not shift from side to side.

Tie another rope or strap midway across the top of the boat.  You can open the doors, bringing the strap inside the car and tying it midway across the ceiling.  Also, you can run the rope around the boat and through your rack.  Use only enough tension on the ropes to be snug. Use only enough pressure to cause more than noticeable distortion in the boat, otherwise damage will occur.  Bungee cords or rubber straps are NOT recommended.

Q: Can I paint my Poke Boat®?

 A: Yes, however, you will not be able to get a beautiful finish without a lot of work and fair amount of skill.  Painting is recommended only for camouflage or to make your boat more visible, not to make it beautiful.

Use Rust-oleum®, Krylon®, or auto primer.  Be sure to use acrylic paints instead of enamel paints, these enamel paints are not flexible and tend to crack.

Replacing the black tape is optional.

Q: The black tape on my boat is coming off, what should I do?

A: The tape serves for cosmetic purposes only, it doesn’t affect the performance or structural durability in any way. 

Q: Can I replace the black tape?

A:Yes, we use “photographers” tape, but you can use electrical tape or gray duct tape. Make sure that the tape is continuous.

Q: Can I anchor my Poke Boat®?

A: Yes! Occasionally, you may want to anchor your boat in order to stay on a particularly good fishing spot, etc.  It is always best to anchor the boat from the end, rather than the middle, because you don’t want to be sideways in the current while anchored.  To do this, run your anchor line from the rear of the boat using either the grab loop, anchor pad, or an eyelet that you have added as the tie off point.  Then to raise or lower your anchor, attach another line to the anchor rope just above the anchor.  This line will run from the anchor line to the cockpit.  Keep slack in this line and tie it off to your foot braces, seat or an anchor pad.  Use the extra line to hoist or lower your anchor.


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