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 Weappreciate your interest in our line of superlightweight Poke Boats®! This is a special opportunity to purchase thePoke Boat of your choice at an amazing low price. On top of it all, for alimited time only, we will outfit your boat for FREE! Flotation devices andfoot braces (where applicable) are included. These boats have some cosmeticimperfections or areas that have been repaired. The exact nature of the blemishvaries from model to model. These specific boats are sold on a “first come,first serve” basis. If you have been waiting for the right time, it’s here andthe Poke Boat® of your dreams is waiting. Give us a call Monday-Friday 9:00 am–3:30 pm.

Wecan be reached  at 1-606-965-2803.

Unless otherwise specified, the boats are neutral in color.

*** Call us if you don't seewhat you want. Availability can change daily. ***
The following boats are available for shipment within 2-3 weeks (please call toconfirm).

Materials: FN = Fiberglass/Nylon, KV = Kevlar

Shipping/Handling on Micro, Poke, and Maxi Poke Boats: CALL FOR QUOTE
Shipping/Handling on Vagabond and Maxi II: CALL FOR QUOTE

Prices & Specifications subject to changewithout notice.

Please note: Due to repair or blemish, weight of boats may vary.


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