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The Vagabond® is a two person boat in the tradition of European touring canoes and is most at home gliding on open oceans, lakes, streams, or marshes. It is an excellent bird watching or fishing boat as it is very STABLE and comfortable. Its 46 lb. weight and ease of paddling, along with large storage area for camping and touring, makes it an excellent choice for people who want a boat superior to a canoe.

The molded removable seat plus the back rest/rim allow comfortable boating.

Optional, adjustable foot braces allow maximum comfort when using the boat for long periods of time.

NOTE: The Vagabond® has an adjustable front seat for solo paddling. Simply move the seat to the center of the boat.


16' 5""
Weight: Fiberglass/Nylon 46 lbs.


Kevlar 40 lbs.
  Carbon Fiber  

34 lbs


Draft @ 250lbs:
4 1/2"
Cockpit: Length/Width: 92" x 20"
Capacity: Persons: 2

Weight: 550 lbs.
Price: Fiberglass/Nylon Call


Kevlar Call

Carbon Fiber Call
Standard Neutral Color NC
Color: Deck: Call

Hull: Call
Call for Details

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