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Current Blemish Price List

The  POKE BOAT-                                            12’           1 person 450 lbs           

$2015      for a fiberglass/ nylon         – 28 lbs

$2319      for a Kevlar                              – 22 lbs                     



The  MAXI POKE BOAT  -                         11’10”   1 or 2 person 500 lbs                

$1939      for a fiberglass/ nylon                 – 32 lbs                                                                                                                                                   

$2439      for a Kevlar                              – 27 lbs


The  MICRO POKE BOAT –                      7’11”     1 person 200 lbs           

$851  for a fiberglass/ nylon                    – 17 lbs

$1135  for a Kevlar                                   – 14 lbs


The  MAXI II POKE BOAT –                              18’8”      2 person 650 lbs           

$2883  for a fiberglass/ nylon                     – 58 lbs

$3507 for a Kevlar                                   – 51 lbs





The  VAGABOND POKE BOAT –       16’5”      2 person 550 lbs           

$2379 for a fiberglass/ nylon                  – 46 lbs

$2883 for a Kevlar                                  – 40 lbs




The  ISERE KAYAK -                                                                           

$2015 for a fiberglass/ nylon

$ 2319 for a Kevlar




Vagabond Back Seat $50 + shipping

Vagabond Front Seat $125 + shipping

Just the back on the front seat $75 + shipping

Rowing kit can be ordered from Spring Creek


All Prices Include: 1 set on flotation bags, 1 convertible paddle,1 set of foot braces (excludes micro)


Available colors are Olive Drab, Red and Advantage Wetlands Camouflage.  Kevlar is Gold, and Carbon Fiber is Black.  If you would like a

brochure with more information send your name and address and one will be sent out to you.  To order call 1-800-354-0190.  



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