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BOTE was founded in Destin, FL. For the past 13 years, they have been making quality surfing boards that suit different lifestyles. They started with the purpose of reshaping the standup paddleboard industry from what was largely identified as a surfing offshoot to a distinct culture built on conceptually simple, aesthetically pleasing, and functionally innovative products that would appeal to people from all walks of life.
The technical innovations of Boteboards are what allows them to be distinct from. From designing the world's first fishing-specific stand-up board to creating a proprietary carbon/innegra weave, BOTE continues to push stand-up paddleboarding forward. These innovations allow the consumers to paddle faster, further, and with purpose.

Pokeboat features the Aero Line of the Boteboards. The inflatable fishing kayaks from Boteboards are available in 3 different models, the Lono Aero, Deus Aero, and Zeppelin Aero.

BOTE crafts the highest quality, most innovative, best looking, and easiest to use kayaks and paddle gear on the planet at the most affordable budget.