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Boats that Collapse, Inflate, or Carry Upholding Years of Boating Legacy was started by Phoenix Poke Boats, a renowned Phoenix based boat maker, and the original inventors of the 'poke boat'; a boat that is wider and more stable than a traditional kayak or canoe on water. Phoenix Poke Boats had, over the years, acquired tremendous reputation as makers of lightweight, everlasting small boats. Unfortunately, they have ceased operation since 2020.

Outtrain Sports, an outdoors and adventure sports company specializing in online commerce,  took charge of the website in 2021 with the intention of transforming it into the leading ecommerce store  for Small Boats, Kayaks and Canoes. 

We take pride in the works done by the Phoenix Poke Boats people, and we intend to follow their principles of a 'no frills' approach towards marketing, highly personalised customer service, and lean product and warehousing methodology to ensure tremendous value for the people who matter most - you.  

Shopping for Kayaks and Canoes online has been difficult, but intends to change it forever. We are working with leading small boat brands to disrupt kayak/canoe logistics, enable fast-response customer support, offer industry leading shipping and returns policies, and promote small boat ownership among millennials.

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