Fishing Kayak

The Fishing Kayaks may be fundamentally close to the regular kayaks but they have some structural differences as well. The Fishing Kayaks are normally a little shorter yet wider, also having a higher carrying capacity than the usual kayaks. While touring kayaks are normally ‘Sit-Inside’s, fishing kayaks are ‘Sit-On-Top’ kayaks, which is a great feature for the ones who want to go fishing in a Kayak.
Pokeboat features one of the top manufacturers of Fishing Kayaks.

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Pokeboat brings you Fishing Kayaks in a couple of forms.

  1. Inflatable Fishing Kayaks (from Boteborads)
  2. Non-inflatable Fishing Kayaks(from 3-Waters)

Since one of the major facts for a fishing kayak is its carrying capacity, we have different kayaks considering your prefered weight capacity.

If you’re looking for a fishing kayak with a max capacity of around 300 lbs, we have the Boteboard DEUS AERO for you.

If you’re looking for a slightly bigger one, around the capacity of 400 lbs, we have the 3 Waters Big Fish 105 (380 lbs), Big Fish 103 (397 lbs), Big Fish 120 & Boteboard LONO AERO (400 lbs).

For those who want a kayak that carries over 400 lbs, we have the Big Fish 108 (450 lbs) & Boteboard – Zeppelin Aero GRAPHITE (600 lbs).

Pokeboat Fishing Kayak Brands: Boteborads, 3 Waters.