Inflatable Fishing Kayak

Inflatable Fishing Kayaks are basically fishing kayaks, that can be inflated before and deflated after use. They are a little shorter and wider than the recreational or touring kayaks. But since they are used for fishing, they have a higher carrying capacity than them. They are ‘Sit-On-Top’ kayaks, which is a great advantage for fishing. They are easily stored in a backpack and despite being lightweight they are strong enough to withstand the collisions in the water.
Pokeboat features one of the top manufacturers of Inflatable Fishing Kayaks.

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We always think about your budget and bring the best kayaks available at the most affordable price.

As for our Inflatable Fishing Kayaks, if you have a budget of around $1000, Boteboard – Deus Aero & Zeppelin Aero (at $1099) are ones you should check out.

If you have a slightly higher budget of around $1500, we have the Boteboard – Lono Aero (at $1399)

In case you are looking for a kayak based on max weight capacity, we got you here as well.

If you want a kayak of less weight capacity, check out the Lono Aero (max capacity of 300 lbs)

Those who want a kayak of mid-weight capacity, check out the Deus Aero (max capacity of 400 lbs)

And if you are looking for a 2-person kayak with a greater weight capacity, you should check out the Zeppelin Aero (max capacity of 600 lbs)